Source Support Services Appoints Seasoned CFO

Accomplished tech finance executive to assist Source in achieving growth plans, scaling organization   LAWRENCEVILLE, GA. – OCTOBER 27, 2016 –– Source Support Services (Source), a world leader in the delivery of IT services, today announced it has appointed Steve... read more

Source Techworks

Four-hour service level agreements (SLAs) have become a standard expectation for global IT services delivery. End-users demand efficiency, and in order to successfully meet these SLAs our customers need a global network of professional service engineers. Source... read more

Support Operations Center

There is no experience quite like attending a live performance by a world-class symphony orchestra. Sitting in your often velvet-covered seat, feeling your heart race through bombastic fortes, holding your breath at each vulnerable pianissimo and bursting to applaud... read more

Service Quality

As an element of art, value is defined as the lightness or darkness of tones or colors. A piece of art that looks amazingly realistic appears so because the artist managed to capture within it all the intricacies of value that our eyes pick up in the real world. I... read more

Global Logistics Services

If you followed any of the action at the Rio Olympics in August, you probably heard about the conclusion of the men’s gold medal soccer match between host nation Brazil and Germany. It was a fantastic match; with the score tied at the end of regulation, the match went... read more

Service Business Delivery

Each Thanksgiving, morning talk show hosts invite a featured chef to demonstrate cooking traditional Thanksgiving dishes: mashed potatoes, dressing, green beans and turkey. Obviously it would normally take hours for them to prepare and cook all these dishes, so for... read more

Global Field Services

Have you ever read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl? Even if you haven’t, you are most likely familiar with the story. Young Charlie Bucket discovers a golden ticket in his candy bar, and he joins four other golden ticket winners in an exclusive visit... read more

Data Center Deployment Services

Imagine that you own a business that designs and manufactures hot air balloons. Looking to increase sales, you approach a large tourism company to see if they are interested in your product. They love your designs and recognize that the quality is second to none, but... read more

Presenting Source Central

Say you’re getting married soon. A lot goes into planning a wedding: booking a venue, catering food and beverages, ordering flowers, sending invites and the list goes on. Often to coordinate all this and bring it all together, you have to speak with multiple... read more

Customer Success Series, Part 5

“LIVING” Customer Success In the last couple posts in this series I discussed Source’s four goals to establish and maintain Customer Success: Minimize churn and maximize longevity Increase our solution footprint Turn our customers into advocates Develop a customer... read more

Customer Success Series, Part 4

How to Establish and Maintain Customer Success, cont. Last time I began to explore the goals Source has set to reach our objective of establishing and maintaining Customer Success. Looking at the model I established, these goals are meant to assist those customers who... read more

Customer Success Series, Part 3

How to Establish and Maintain Customer Success Since the time of the first sale, having satisfied customers has been important. Why? Because selling more is better and selling to an existing customer is easier than finding a new one. Few dispute this. The natural... read more