Data Center Services

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Data Center Services Data Sheet

Source’s on-demand, cost-effective installation services take the guesswork out of your installation programs for each of your storage, compute and network products and solutions. Source offers two different types of installation programs to meet your needs: Basic Hardware Installation and Advanced System Installation. These pre-designed installation programs make it easy to begin a new installation program or augment your existing field teams to scale to the rhythm of your business.


Source provides de-installation services to recover valuable space and move your customers to your latest products by uninstalling and removing end-of-life data center or HPC systems. Source will be there every step of the way, from power down sequences to the removal of the old system. We can also wrap and pack the equipment for shipment or storage to help your customers prepare for their next steps.

Data Destruction 

To protect your data from loss and leakage, Source has the capability to perform various destruction services which comply with all government regulations, so you can be sure that we maximize the best possible security while disposing of your IT assets. We can clear, purge and destroy media as well as embedded hardware data storage components.

Data Migrations

Whether you’re moving offices or shifting your data to a new system, one of our authorized professional service partners will lead your customer’s data migration setup and execution. Our authorized partners have extensive experience in handling all data migration process elements and risks, and they will guide you through your migration using the latest technologies and best practices.