Global Logistics

Download our Global Logistics Data Sheet

Global Logistics Data Sheet

Having the right replacement parts where you need them and when you need them is critical to meeting your customer SLA’s. Source Support Services offers inventory management with predictive forecasting, IOR/EOR implementation and management, RMA parts return, reverse logistics and reporting through Source Central.  This gives your customers full, real-time access to inventory status and tracking for same-day parts delivery with our 900+ forward stocking locations (FSLs) around the globe.

Spares Demand Planning

Source offers complete end-to-end planning solutions within our spares program management system. We enable you to manage, forecast and replenish your spares inventory and logistics network under one partner.

The ability to scale a large amount of parts can become challenging for companies that want to globally expand their footprint. With Source, we enable you to minimize your purchasing and inventory costs by automating the planning process. For example, our management system has the ability to automatically send you a notification when your inventory is getting low in a certain area. It can also look up other forward stocking locations (FSLs) and suggest to reposition parts from a different location where the inventory is high, minimizing the need to purchase more parts.

Worldwide Parts Stocking

Source Support has the ability to provide same-day and next-day parts delivery all around the globe. With 900+ stocking locations in over 100 countries, we are able to reduce the risk of potential downtime by achieving 4 SLA’s anywhere in the world, including remote locations. Our trade and compliance experts make sure the parts shipment within country is compliant with local laws, minimizing any issues that can result in delays. Utilizing our FSL locations around the globe will reduce transportation costs and allow you to control and manage your distributed inventory.

Number of Global Stocking Locations

Depot Repair

Source enables you to have a more productive supply chain with our depot repair services through our state-of-the-art facility near Atlanta. Our depot engineers are trained on each product, managing a wide spectrum of repairs. Our capabilities include repair work, parts testing, RMA and DoD-level wipe of all defective parts. Our repair turnaround time is one of the best in the industry, ensuring your needs are met in a timely manner.

RMA Management

Technology is not perfect. Equipment fails, and the cost to replace it can be unimaginable. In order to keep a competitive edge, Source provides a cost-effective solution by offering a repair-only warranty. Within the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) procedure, the product may be returned to the original manufacturer where they will have the opportunity to either claim the part defective or return as a usable part for future repairs. This process eliminates the need to constantly purchase new product and improves customer satisfaction.

Asset Recovery

Source helps you maximize the value of your equipment by offering asset management and recovery services. Our automated process is easily integrated with your business, allowing for complete visibility and two-way communication in real time. With our asset management solution, you can gain control of your inventory, perform root-cause analysis on the failure and ultimately improve the lifecycle of your product.