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Enabling Worldwide Support Solutions 

Source Support Services is redefining the IT services industry by delivering the platform for technology providers to enable worldwide, comprehensive support services through an automated and efficient business model. Our network of 12,000 certified service professionals and team of highly skilled Support Engineers provide seamless global support and peace of mind to many of the world’s most recognizable brands. In over 100 countries around the world, we’re helping companies manage their IT infrastructure.

Data Center Solutions

Source’s data center deployment solutions provide the necessary global services delivery network and training capabilities to help our customers build a new data center services program or augment their existing support teams. Our approach offers flexibility to match our customer’s preferences thereby enabling them to present their organization and its capabilities in global scale at a fraction of the cost and time it would take to build a data center deployment service program themselves. Our service delivery capabilities like Source Techworks, our worldwide network of certified service engineers, and Source Academy, our global eLearning program, enable our customers to sell and scale their data center deployment services on-demand globally with locally-based resources who are trained and certified to work on our customer’s systems. This in turn supplies a high-quality, cost-effective solution backed by the expertise to help streamline our services while maintaining the highest quality standards. For more information about our Data Center solution, click here to download our Data Center Services data sheet.

Medical Technology Solutions

life-sciences-data-sheet-webNo one wants to go to the doctor only to be told that their appointment must be rescheduled because an imaging or diagnostic system is down. Whether the end-user has a telemedicine cart in a remote geography, a mobile ultrasound system in the middle of a bustling metropolis, or a chemical analyzer in a research clinic, they need to feel confident that their medical technology will be ready when they need it most.

Source is a global provider of high-quality medical technology deployment, support, on-site repair, and parts and logistics services. We enable medical technology OEMs to build out their services and support offerings by supplying high quality global experience and technical expertise. Our comprehensive solution provides services throughout the product lifecycle.

Source’s medical technology support capabilities range from client computing and diagnostic workstations to mobile imaging systems, telemedicine carts to chemistry analyzers and advanced health information systems services for server, storage and networking.

Our service programs break the mold of traditional fixed-cost service programs. Located in the United States, Source’s Support Operations Center, automated service management platform and worldwide field services network provides an innovative and quality-controlled approach to services that controls costs and protects our customers’ brand.

For more information about our Medical Technology solution, click here to download our Medical Technology Support data sheet.

MSP IT Support Solutions

Source’s MSP IT support solutions provide frontline support outsourcing for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), helping to free up our customers’ valuable resources and enable them to focus their energies on deploying more new customers and improving business productivity. Source’s experienced IT support team acts as an extension of our customers’ MSP IT support teams to relieve the stress of amplified end-user support call volumes, around-the-clock support requests, effectively managing and tracking support resolutions and growing business demands.

Our team performs state-of-the-art troubleshooting and diagnostics to provide complete client-side support for cloud-based applications and desktop and laptop resources. Every case that comes in to our U.S.-based Support Operations Center is owned and managed by a Support Engineer, demonstrating our belief in the value of our people and a direct approach to support services. We understand that our customers and end-users expect that someone will be there to deliver high-quality, reliable support every step of the way. As such, we are dedicated to creating the best possible service quality perceptions as we represent our customers. For more information about our MSP IT support solutions, click here to download our MSP IT Support data sheet.

Automation & Integration

Source provides on-demand visibility and control through an integrated approach. Our automated platform, Source Central, allows our partners to integrate all of their services into a single pane of glass, giving full visibility into any of the support services we offer. The platform delivers a technology-driven change to how the service lifecycle is managed while reducing human error and missed information. We have achieved a 98% or better service level agreement (SLA) success rate, due in large part to the efficiencies and integration capabilities of Source Central. Our integration capabilities provide our partners with an efficient framework to immediately compete on a global scale now and into the future.

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