A major flash storage solutions company was looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction while reducing costs by an increased defective part return rate. The company took action and began receiving defective hardware parts from their customers after initial onsite evaluations proved the defect. Once a defective part was returned, the company had the ability to perform root cause analysis of the failure, ultimately improving the overall quality of their hardware. However, to reduce costs, they still needed to increase the rate of return for defective parts.
To improve the rate of parts returns, the company turned to Source’s automated processes that could easily be integrated with their business. By integrating with the flash storage company, Source was able to eliminate delays and allow two-way communication and visibility in real time. This solution reduces the administrative
burden on both the flash storage company and the end-user by automatically sending a customized communication to the end user with a return label and specific instructions on how to return the defective part. Email reminders are auto generated to the end user if they do not return the part in the allotted amount of time. This solution has also eliminated the manual processes between multiple vendors.
Source Support Services enables our partners to maintain their credibility while improving the overall quality of their product.

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