Parts Logistics & Planning

Encompassing our worldwide parts stocking, movement and management capabilities, Source’s parts logistics and planning reduces the risk of potential downtime so our end-users get the parts they need in a seamless, high-quality manner.

Global Stocking Locations Available

Distribution Center

Source’s Atlanta-based distribution center simplifies global expansion, inventory and cost management. From this site, we organize and distribute equipment worldwide, and provide off-hours availability for urgent shipment needs.

Forward Stocking Locations

Our 900+ forward stocking locations (FSLs) help reduce transportation costs and ensure 4-hour SLA achievement, even in remote locations. Proactively distributing inventory in strategic locations local to your customer’s site enables faster delivery and reduces the risk of potential downtime. Our trade and compliance experts make sure the parts shipment within country is compliant with local laws, minimizing any issues that can result in delays.

Parts Delivery

Source can provide same-day and next-business-day parts delivery all around the globe. Parts can be shipped from our Atlanta-based Distribution Center or from any of our 900+ forward stocking locations around the world. As part of our premium expedited delivery service, we can also arrange courier delivery and pickup for a next-flight-out shipment for any mission critical support needs.

Parts Planning & Stocking

Source’s parts planning service includes the organization and coordination of parts availability, movements and distribution to support optimal spare part quantities in stocking locations around the world.

Preventative stocking ensures that replacement parts are always readily available, whether they are stocked in our Distribution Center for quick shipment or already housed at the end-user’s site. Source also knows that customer site locations and inventory needs may change, so we can also assist in determining replacement levels, relabeling parts and adding a barcode for tracking ease, and repositioning equipment around the globe.

Physical Inventory

To help our customers keep track of their equipment stored in our distribution center and forward stocking locations, we provide weekly cycle counts and an annual physical inventory count. The results of each inventory count are then reported in the format and style requested by our customer.