Training Development & Delivery

For customers who are looking to build or enhance their training program, Source partners with them to create and host training content through our Source Academy training platform. We’ll examine our customer’s product, processes, and documentation and compile the most relevant information to present in a training module. Training content can include user and sales training modules as well as immersive experiential training. If desired, we can follow each piece of educational content with related assessments. In this way, our customers can provide a flexible, repeatable training solution that has the ability to scale and grow with their business.

Service Delivery Training

As part of our 24/7 Support and Installation/De-Installation service offerings, Source provides training development and hosting through our Source Academy eLearning platform. Source Academy training modules educate and certify our technical support team as well as our field support professionals, so we can improve the quality and efficiency of our service events and provide a consistent experience to our end-users around the globe. Our eLearning modules and related assessments ensure in-depth knowledge of each product, service solution and, for our technical support team, case process guidelines.