Cloud Scale Services

For large-scale support needs, Source’s cloud scale services solutions provide high-volume deployment and product support services to deliver efficient implementation of new product or multiple product repairs.


Whether our customer needs to upgrade a product line across multiple geographies or repair a large volume of existing products in one location, Source provides high-volume deployment and maintenance services. Our project management team assigns and schedules local professionals from our global field service network to perform these high-volume projects. Because our field services network is global, Source’s team can arrange for deployment in multiple locations at the same time, ensuring that we meet our customer’s project timeline and quality expectations. Source will also deploy multiple field service professionals to one service event to work together to rapidly deploy vast quantities of product in a reduced time frame.

Source’s Remote Support Solution Offers:High-volume on-site deployment and/or maintenance services

Project management capabilities to ensure we meet timeline and quality expectations

A vast network of trained & certified field support professionals

Complementary Service Solutions

Combine Source’s Cloud Scale Services with Managed Logistics, Managed Field Services, Product Deployment, or Product Decommissioning for a comprehensive and customized service solution to fit your business

Featured Services

Source’s Cloud Services solution includes the following featured services: