Technical Support

Source offers technical support to assist in troubleshooting, diagnostics, and end-to-end case management for a wide variety of technical OEM products. When a case is logged in our Source Central service platform, our team begins an in-depth troubleshooting and diagnostics assessment to confirm the cause of the failure. Once the diagnosis has been verified, our technical support team may dispatch a replacement part and/or a locally-based field service professional to perform a replacement service on-site. Our technical support team manages and tracks both the part dispatch and the field service professional’s status to ensure we meet customer SLAs, and they also serve as an additional source of expertise in case the field service professional has questions while on-site. After the service event has been successfully completed, our technical support team will manage any necessary part returns, per our asset recovery service.

With integration into Source Central, our customers have access to view and track each case as it is progressing through our Source Central Milestone Technology. This technology provides a visual representation within the Source Central case record of successful completion of individual case milestones, such as field service professional arrival on-site, part arrival, etc. on a timer-based system to ensure that we meet SLA requirements.