Asset Recovery

Source helps our OEM customers recover the cost of valuable equipment by offering asset management and recovery services. Our automated process is easily integrated with our customers’ service management system, allowing for complete visibility and two-way communication in real time. With our asset management solution, our customers can gain control of their inventory, enhance usage of the current asset, perform root-cause analysis on the failure and ultimately improve the lifecycle of their products

RMA Management

Technology is not perfect. Equipment fails, and the cost to replace it can be unimaginable. To enable our customers to keep a competitive edge, Source provides a cost-effective solution by offering a repair-only warranty. Within the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) procedure, the product may be returned to the original manufacturer where they will have the opportunity to either claim the part defective or return as a usable part for future repairs. This process eliminates the need to constantly purchase new product and improves customer satisfaction.

Asset Disposition

Based on customer preference, Source can dispose of obsolete or unwanted equipment in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Our streamlined disposition process helps customers maximize the value of their equipment.