Managed Logistics

Source provides global end-to-end managed logistics solutions for coordinated, seamless international parts movement, stocking, management, and recovery to meet our customers’ SLA requirements and quality expectations.


Source’s managed logistics services solution relieves the burden of managing nearly all day-to-day logistics operations; we oversee our customers’ tactical logistics processes so their team can focus on the high-value, case-level relationship with their customers. Our experienced team handles all calls, monitors and tracks worldwide part shipments, and resolves issues as they occur. We also manage all setup and closure processes for forward stocking locations and provide oversight and help our customers navigate through the Global Trade and Compliance process.

Source’s Managed Logistics Solution Offers:

Global end-to-end managed logistics services

Management of tactical logistics processes so our customers’ team can focus on their relationship with the end-user

Proactive expert logistics management with a personalized, hands-on approach

Dedicated team assigned to you for consistent, reliable customer service and high-end quality logistics performance

Complementary Service Solutions

Combine Source’s Managed Logistics solution with Product Support, Cloud Scale Services, Product Deployment, Managed Field Services, or Remote Support for a comprehensive and customized service solution to fit your business

Featured Services

Source’s Managed Logistics solution includes the following featured services: