Imagine that you own a business that designs and manufactures hot air balloons. Looking to increase sales, you approach a large tourism company to see if they are interested in your product. They love your designs and recognize that the quality is second to none, but insist that the only way they will purchase your balloons is if you supply the pilots to fly them. Additionally, because their company is so large, they’re looking for balloons (and pilots) in various locations all across the United States.

Perhaps your employees understand the mechanics of hot air balloon travel, but have never actually piloted one and certainly don’t have the license necessary to do so. Or perhaps you do have some pilots available, but they can only cover one state. Who can you find to pilot your balloons in all the other locations your customer wants to reach?

The pressure in this situation can be very frustrating. You really want to sell your balloons, and you know the tourism company would love to have them. But there is a formidable barrier blocking your way—you can’t supply a pilot for each balloon you sell because you either don’t have pilots in your employ or you don’t have enough pilots to cover the sprawling geography of your customers’ interests. So what can you do? If you can’t provide enough pilots to fly the balloons, the tourism company will turn to one of your competitors and you will lose the sale.

At Source, we hear of situations similar to this from our partners who have experienced the same frustration. Their product is fantastic, and customers would love to buy from them, but those customers don’t just want the product; they insist on installation services for that equipment as well. This left our partners in a sticky place because they might not have developed the global service capabilities to install their product at their customer’s site, or they couldn’t afford to send their own teams out to perform the install because they were needed elsewhere. On occasion our partners experienced a situation in which sales would just flood in and they weren’t able to keep up with the sudden surge in installation requirements.

They turned to Source, with our 15+ years of experience in global technical support services, for that extra boost – either to deliver the installation services they weren’t prepared for because they focused on the product itself, or to augment their existing services delivery in those times when they needed it most. With our help, they were able to make the sale they wanted and their customers could use the new system to fly their business to new heights.

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