More recalls are happening today than ever before. In 2022, more than 1.5 billion units of food, drugs, medical devices, automobiles and consumer products were recalled in the U.S., according to Sedgwick’s latest state of the nation recall index report. More specifically, recall events in the medical device industry increased by 8.8% in 2022. As new regulations and advancements in technology enter the fray, these numbers are expected to stay high and possibly even increase in 2023. 

Medical Technology recalls require companies to fix the technology as soon as possible, so as to minimize end-user downtime, loss of revenue, and the potential for negative patient outcomes. Unfortunately, this work is also additive; service teams are stretched thin as is with their everyday duties, but they have to find the bandwidth to address the recall – often at the expense of other organizational priorities. For these reasons, recalls are among the worst enemies of any service team.  

In order to minimize a recall’s effects on your business, you need the right systems, expertise, and resources in place before you ever need them.  Here is a checklist of items Source Support believes your organization should have in place to make sure in the event of a recall that your teams are ready to respond with confidence: 


  A Worldwide, on-demand Field Engineering Network 

  24/7/365 Onsite availability 

  Centralized Project Management and Tracking 

  Real time equipment telemetry and comprehensive reporting 

  Documentation processes for regulatory compliance 

  Technical Support Team 

  Complimenting Logistics and Support Systems for tool, parts, and equipment logistics 

  Quality Management Systems 


At Source, we have more than 12,000 certified field engineers spread throughout the world, and they’re ready and available 24/7/365 to serve. In fact, we can guarantee SLAs as ambitious as four hours and next business day of a ticket being created. Our always-on U.S.-based Support Operations Center is skilled in resolving issues quickly. Depending on the timeline of your project, we will work with you to match your level of expediency while ensuring regulatory compliance and quality throughout. Through our dedicated project management team, you are able to track and report on all recall data activity to confirm your organization is meeting all regulatory and compliance standards. Additionally, we have a main warehouse in Atlanta, GA, a worldwide network of FSLs, and a team of logistics coordinators, to ensure parts and tools are always where they need to be.  

When recalls strike, we stand ready to help you meet the challenge.