Each Thanksgiving, morning talk show hosts invite a featured chef to demonstrate cooking traditional Thanksgiving dishes: mashed potatoes, dressing, green beans and turkey. Obviously it would normally take hours for them to prepare and cook all these dishes, so for the sake of television viewers who really want to get back to the parade, the chef runs through the process in super accelerated mode – jumping from zero to finished product in about 60 seconds. Viewers get the gist of the process, but certainly don’t gain enough detailed information to recreate the meal themselves.

Compare this with a cooking show dedicated to instructing viewers to prepare a dish themselves. Bobby Flay, for instance, has become something of a grilling sensation since his show first aired. He dedicates time in each episode to describing and demonstrating each step involved in the dish preparation. You can follow along with him as he prepares his Korean barbecued beef short ribs with a side of grilled veggies. This is a much more reliable lesson than the super-accelerated Thanksgiving meal, and certainly one that you will feel more confident that you can recreate.

Still, sometimes watching and listening isn’t enough – you might have missed a small detail like how much of a certain ingredient to use. You know he mentioned it, but how can you be expected to remember every small detail? That’s why Flay also supplies the recipe for every dish online. That way you have an added resource, a place to reference for those little details you don’t remember after one viewing.

Cooking shows like this have truly grasped how viewers like to learn. They can listen and watch as Flay prepares foods himself, describing each step and sharing little tips and tricks, then return to the written recipe for all the finite details like ingredient measurements and cooking times to be sure the finalized meal is prepared to perfection.

Source’s training and documentation services mirror this method. We create and present training and certification eLearning modules that are easily accessible, and also provide written documentation as a reference back to the materials covered in each session. These training modules enable consistent, repeatable services, so our customers know they’re not getting base-level information but rather detailed, reliable resources.

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