At Source, we care deeply about making sure our staff and the members of our Source Techworks community are as up to date on the latest IT news and service/support instruction as possible.  There’s no better way to ensure a superior experience for you than to invest in our people.

Accordingly, we’ve structured our training as a service to help support our ongoing dedication to education and professional service. Called Source Academy, this training is a virtual e-learning environment used to promote indigenous and outlying instruction. It keeps our employees up to date on internal policies and processes, and it allows us to both certify and refresh members of our Source Techworks community.

Source Academy features two different levels. In Source Academy Lite, our most fundamental offering, we feature educational content followed by related assessments. Partners can even customize these certification courses, and enable their technicians to be fully prepared for assignments. After all, the more opportunities they are eligible for the more money they can potentially make.

Our Source Academy Plus offers even more detailed content and professionally compiled, more in-depth complex examinations. By investing in educational opportunities through e-learning platforms, we protect our brand as well as our customer’s brand reputation in a scalable and easily accessible manner. Simultaneously, we allow our Source Techworks community to build up their own resume and earn the title of Source Certified Technician.

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