Data Center

In mission-critical data center environments, maintaining maximum system uptime is essential to prevent unnecessary interruption to end-user business productivity. Whether they are running thousands of financial transactions per second, running calculations and storing outcomes, or any number of crucial business operations, end-users need to feel confident that their data center and high performance computing technologies will work when they need it most.

As an outsource technical product service provider with 20 years under our belt, Source delivers 4-hour and next business day onsite installation deployment, preventative maintenance, and break/fix engagements around the world every day. Supported enterprise IT technologies include client computing, servers and storage, networking, supercomputers.

With our worldwide network of certified field service engineers and our global eLearning program, Source enables our customers to scale their service capabilities on-demand with locally-based resources around the globe who are trained and certified to work on our customers’ systems. This in turn supplies a high-quality, cost-effective solution backed by the expertise to help streamline our services while maintaining the highest quality standards.

For more information about our enterprise IT solutions, click here to download our Data Center Services data sheet.