What a year it has been so far for all of us, personally and professionally. We have all faced so many challenges, and it’s hard to know how to navigate them or what might come next. From all of us at Source, we hope that you and yours are healthy and finding your way through everything okay.

While we recognize all the hardship and challenge that this pandemic has presented, we’d like to thank our employees for their professionalism in adapting to telework and their dedication to delivering service that meets and exceeds our high standards for SLA, quality and more. As our customers’ needs – their own and their end users’ – have evolved, we too are adapting to stay ahead of those needs so they are equipped to handle the demands our new world has placed upon them.

Areas of Focus

During the first part of this year, we’ve focused on:

  • Ensuring our team stays healthy and on top of evolving guidelines in security, safety and more. Our unique service model, business continuity plans and defined telework procedures have enabled us to adapt to the current work environment while continuing uninterrupted mission-critical services delivery and quality worldwide performance.
  • Serving other new industries and categories, such as industrial automation, where we’ve seen rising demand and urgency for consistent, quality outsourced services.
  • Driving maximum efficiency and quality in services, and infusing best practices we see, across our entire customer base regardless of scale, industry and geography. We’re working especially hard to ensure our on-site services and parts/logistics processes are as strong as possible. The smarter we and our technology can work, and the more we can minimize possibilities for human error, the better for everyone.

Medical Technology Service Needs

We’ve also moved fast to stay ahead of changes we’ve seen in the medical technology industry. We’ve heard from many organizations that they’ve faced significant challenges in several areas: meeting SLAs; balancing the utilization challenges with limited flexibility due to travel restrictions; stemming the tide of rising downtime and its costly effects on the organization, their employees and patients; keeping their dramatically growing volumes of data secure; and more. These problems aren’t new in 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated them.

So, leaders at medical OEMs are looking for ways to solve these issues in a cost-efficient manner, because of the economic strains they present. The organizations that figure this out first, and properly evolve their service delivery model, will have a major competitive advantage. It’s about operational efficiency as well as end-user satisfaction; just imagine the boost you could get from a significant improvement on your SLAs.

Source has been in business for 20 years; the last 12 have included the delivery of service for medical technology equipment such as telemedicine carts, PACS and IT workstations, sterilization equipment, and laboratory equipment. Today, we are recognizing a greater shift in the medical technology market as more OEMs consider outsourcing some or all of their field service capabilities to improve SLA performance, balance workforce utilization, build service resiliency, and reduce costs while protecting their brand. Source Support has the right model to enable OEMs to meet these challenges and deliver cost-effective, resilient service delivery for you. These challenging times have validated this model, as worldwide service resiliency, enhanced SLA and quality mission-critical performance have proven essential to our customers.

We take great pride in our truly world-class team, which has done a fantastic job of helping you and your end-users maintain mission-critical operations during this time of global disruption and uncertainty. I also would sincerely like to thank our global Source Techworks network and our service delivery partners for doing their part and exhibiting incredible effort, professionalism and ingenuity.

If you’ve followed our blog, you will have seen that we are providing guidance and recommendations on service resiliency, business continuity, preventative maintenance and more. In the weeks to come, we’re excited to continue this dialogue in the enterprise IT, medical technology and industrial automation markets and beyond. Please also let us know if you have questions or thoughts; we always appreciate your feedback as to how we can better serve you.





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