“LIVING” Customer Success

In the last couple posts in this series I discussed Source’s four goals to establish and maintain Customer Success:

  • Minimize churn and maximize longevity
  • Increase our solution footprint
  • Turn our customers into advocates
  • Develop a customer feedback loop

By putting all of these facets TOGETHER a new, positive dynamic is created WITH our customer. (Note that I didn’t say FOR our customer.) We become an advocate and trusted advisor to our customer at a level not possible before. They become a company advocate, cheer us on, and promote our value. The relationship goes to another level and we look to the long game. We care what is going to happen to our customer next quarter, next year, and beyond. And because our solution is so integral their operations, they become concerned with our company. Sure we have to fix the problem of the day, but it seems less impactful in the overall picture. We build strong ties to help us through challenging situations. We can speak honestly for mutual benefit.

Doesn’t it sound like I’m talking about a deep personal relationship? I am. Contrast this with the traditional customer vendor relationship where the goal is to beat the crap out of each other. Source’s relationships are deep and our approach is on a different plane; that’s what makes it special. That’s what builds Customer Success.

Anybody can say that they are “doing” Customer Success. The real question is: are you “LIVING” it?




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