If you followed any of the action at the Rio Olympics in August, you probably heard about the conclusion of the men’s gold medal soccer match between host nation Brazil and Germany. It was a fantastic match; with the score tied at the end of regulation, the match went into overtime. Still tied after the extra 30 minutes, the game went to a shootout and Brazil finally clinched gold in the last of five penalty shots. Even those who don’t love the sport were biting their nails as the drama unfolded.

Compare the tension of that match with a friendly match played by very young children just learning the rules and strategy of the game. Rather than following the meticulous strategy playbook of the pros on the international stage, little kids generally focus on the ball. It doesn’t matter what position they are assigned to or what side of the field the ball is on, they crowd the ball with an almost magnetic attraction. Most of what a viewer can see is an amoeba-shaped grouping of bodies running back and forth over the field. As adorable as this is to witness, it’s frankly much less thrilling of a match. With so many bodies crowding so closely around the ball, very few goal-scoring opportunities are likely to present themselves.

Planning and organization are always beneficial, in any situation. When the pros play, they focus on passing and moving the ball up the field through strategy – it’s a team effort rather than every individual for themselves. This is much more effective, and more rewarding for the fans to witness.

Like professional soccer players understand that strategy and positioning lead to more goal-scoring opportunities, we understand that to perform exceptional service delivery on a global scale, a company needs dedicated focus on logistical planning and movement which is both proactive and reactive. We have the capabilities and the expertise, as well as the established global presence, to deliver the best possible logistical engagement as we represent our customers.

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