In the world of healthcare, every moment counts and every patient’s experience matters. This sentiment is particularly true in the field of ophthalmology where vision is a gift. To provide the best care possible, ophthalmologists rely on their equipment to deliver accurate diagnosis and treatment. To ensure that their equipment is in pristine operating condition, they rely on their OEMs to provide prompt repair and maintenance. This is where leveraging Source Support as a third-party field service provider can contribute significantly to enhancing the experience of your customers and their patients.

Our experience with ophthalmological hardware and software services as well as an extensive background in IT equipment and cybersecurity protocols allow us to solve any complex issues your equipment might experience in the field. Working with Source Support can provide immediate benefits such as:


?️  Rapid onsite response capabilities including equipment deployment, break-fix, and more

Variable FE skill sets and experience that can tackle a wide range of potential problems

? Collaborative service delivery that ensures minimal disruptions to patient care

Efficient pricing structure that drives cost savings for the practice and patients


Source Support Services provides solutions for Enterprise IT, Medical Technologies, Lab Technologies, and Industrial Equipment manufacturers from around the world. With over 12,000 certified field engineers spread across the globe, Source is ready and available 24/7/365. Our U.S. based Support Operations Center is skilled in resolving issues quickly, and capable of meeting SLA goals as ambitious as 4HRs to NBD while ensuring compliance and quality throughout. Through our dedicated project management team, we are able to implement highly customized solutions that ensure everything from FE training, case process, onsite event management, and reporting meet your organization’s high standards. Additionally, we have a main warehouse in Atlanta, GA, a worldwide network of FSLs, and a team of logistics coordinators, to ensure the parts and tools needed to service your equipment are always where they need to be.

No matter what your service needs and challenges are, we stand ready to meet and solve them. We look forward to hearing from you.


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