These are unprecedented times, yet we know that technology is keeping our world going and enabling people to stay connected and productive. Because of that, it’s as critical as ever that we keep our technology systems and infrastructure working well.

In addition, our clients provide essential products and services that promote public and economic health and well-being. As their needs – their own and their customers’ – have evolved to adapt to today’s world, we too have to adapt to stay ahead of those needs and ensure our clients are equipped to handle the demands our new world has placed upon them.

This is why we at Source are forging ahead, all systems go and all hands on deck. It’s also why we’re continuing to invest in our team and new resources – while of course ensuring the safety and well-being of our team.

More specifically, here’s what we’re focusing on in 2020:

  • Ensuring our team stays healthy and on top of changes in regulations, security, safety and more. Our unique service model, business continuity plans and defined telework procedures have enabled us to adapt to the current work environment while continuing uninterrupted services delivery and quality performance around the globe.
  • Driving maximum efficiency in services, no matter what scale they are delivered on. The smarter we and our technology can work, and the more we can minimize possibilities for human error, the better.
  • Serving new industries and categories, such as medical technology and industrial automation, where we’ve seen rising demand for consistent, quality outsourced services.
  • Improving upon our already lofty quality standards throughout the service process.
  • Infusing the best practices we’re seeing across our entire client base into our everyday operations, so we deliver the quick, reliable on-site service you expect from us regardless of industry and geography.

We couldn’t help our clients and their end-users maintain critical operations during this time of global disruption and uncertainty without a truly world-class team of people. I would sincerely like to thank our employees, our global Source Techworks network and our service delivery partners for doing their part and exhibiting incredible effort, professionalism and ingenuity.

Going forward, we’ll regularly publish new posts showcasing our latest thinking on the above topics and possibly others. We invite you to check back for the latest, and engage with us if you have questions or thoughts; we always appreciate your comments and recommendations as to how we can better serve you.



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