Say you’re getting married soon. A lot goes into planning a wedding: booking a venue, catering food and beverages, ordering flowers, sending invites and the list goes on. Often to coordinate all this and bring it all together, you have to speak with multiple people, sign numerous contracts and keep a list of all the names and information so you know who to contact for status updates. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could complete every task you needed to accomplish, and track the status and delivery of each, from one centralized place? It would certainly save a lot of time and vexation.

We hear frustrations like this all the time from our customers. They want to sell their product, but in order to deliver each of the various services that their customers expect along with that product they have to manage disparate partners, interfaces and processes. That’s why they were drawn to Source where our Source Central platform unifies all our services capabilities and service delivery processes.

Source Central allows all of your technical management tools to be integrated with your service management systems. The system then feeds you data at a constant rate, allowing you to see updates in real time and keep your internal systems in the loop throughout the entire process — from simple FRU replacements to complex data migrations. This process unites people, process and technology, and allows you to manage your entire services ecosystem from a single pane of glass.

With a platform like this at our disposal, we can help you scale your business. We look for ways to help you integrate your systems and build the right processes for your unique situation so that all across the globe, your customers consistently receive great service. 

Learn more about how you can simplify your business process and minimize your headaches while maximizing efficiency and optimizing service levels here.