Source is dedicated to delivering high-quality engagements and a consistent service experience across our customer base. Creating this experience starts before a service engagement begins as we develop customized training and certification programs through Source Academy. We learn our customers’ products and procedures, and then design and develop eLearning modules to educate and assess both our Support Engineers and our global Source Techworks network in a standardized and scalable way.

Source Academy’s eLearning modules provide easy access to the exact same training experience for every one of our service professionals. And because we work with our customers to build the training content and related certification assessment, they can be sure each service professional received thorough and detailed information to prepare them for expert-level engagement at each service event. This enables us to improve quality and efficiency, so that every interaction our customers or end-users have with Source is consistent and meets their expectations for both quality and customer service.

Standardized & Scalable Training and Assessment