Recently, we’ve seen medical technology companies gradually moving to outsourced technical product services as they rethink their services model. Up until now, many have built and maintained their own field services infrastructures, but they’ve started to see value in relying on partners to fulfill their growing service needs; particularly when those service partners can provide a solution that balances operational cost, customer relationships, service quality and responsiveness.

This is especially true in cases where OEMs are having to dedicate field and application engineers who are highly skilled and trained for complex support requirements to complete routine service tasks (such as break-fix work or preventative maintenance) due to high service demand. We’re also hearing from many medical OEM prospects that fulfilling service-level agreements (SLAs) in a timely fashion is a significant challenge. Reducing fulfillment times would significantly improve overall case response time, customer satisfaction and ultimately patient health outcomes, all while reducing the overall cost of servicing products. In an industry where standard SLA fulfillment ranges from one to three days, Source’s four-hour SLA capability is a true game changer.

In today’s world, with COVID-19 causing disruption everywhere, this movement to outsourced service makes even more sense. Business continuity and uptime are even more essential than normal – downtime and inactivity doesn’t just mean lost business, it could literally mean failure to deliver patient health outcomes on a large scale.

Several key aspects of Source’s offerings are bringing tremendous value to medical technology companies everywhere. They include:

  • Speed. With 4-hour SLA fulfillment anywhere in the world, a remarkable improvement over the industry norm, our clients and prospects are positioning themselves to turn our speed into a competitive advantage.
  • Resiliency and continuity. Our unique Source Techworks model and business and service continuity plans have enabled our field engineers to adapt to the current work environment while continuing uninterrupted services delivery and quality performance around the globe. Because our Source Techworks workforce is locally based across more than 110 countries and built to scale, no matter who you are, where you are, what you need or how your service event unfolds, we can and will help keep your business and operations going.
  • Consistency of quality. We’re known for quality service interactions, but we’re not resting on our laurels. We continue to infuse the best practices we’re seeing across our entire client base into our everyday operations so that we may raise the bar across the industries we serve, including medical technology, enterprise IT, and industrial automation technology.




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