Do you remember the game Telephone, in which players whisper a phrase down the line to see if their team could pass the exact same phrase from beginning to end? Recently, that game has been combined with another to add additional challenge. This popular party game is called Telephone Pictionary.

If you have never played, here is a brief description. Each player in the group is given a stack of cards equal to the number of people participating in the game. The original player writes a phrase on their card and then passes the stack to the next person. The second player reads the phrase and draws a picture that best represents it on the next card in the stack, then again passes it along. Because each player can only view the most recent card, the third player can only see the picture and must write a phrase that describes the image. This rotation continues until the stack returns to the original player. Then the chain is read aloud and the person whose end card most closely resembles their original phrase wins.

Obviously, the premise of the game is that everyone will interpret and represent information differently, and so the fun is seeing the misinterpretations that lead to ridiculous deviations from the original phrase. For example, what began as “knight fights a fire-breathing dragon” can easily turn into “Smaug high-fives Bilbo.”

While deviations such as this are amusing in Telephone Pictionary, they aren’t viewed favorably in the services industry. Our customers trust Source to enact reliable, high-quality service delivery across their customer base. To help us do this, Source utilizes our eLearning training program, called Source Academy.

Source Academy’s eLearning modules provide easy access to the exact same training experience for each of our service professionals anywhere on the globe. And because we work with our customers to build the training content and related certification assessment, they can be sure each service professional received thorough and detailed information to prepare them for expert-level engagement at every on-site. This enables us to improve the quality and efficiency of each service engagement and provide a consistent experience to our customers and end-users all around the world.

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