Four-hour service level agreements (SLAs) have become a standard expectation for global IT services delivery. End-users demand efficiency, and in order to successfully meet these SLAs our customers need a global network of professional service engineers. Source Techworks is our solution to provide accessibility, scale, cost-effectiveness and consistent, repeatable quality to each service engagement.

In that sense, Source Techworks is similar to the process we use to write documents.

Consider for a moment the differences in writing by hand, typing on a typewriter, or typing on a computer. Writing by hand, depending on the length of the document, might take some time. Writing by hand also requires a certain level of legibility so you can be sure that a reader is indeed able to decipher the content. When the typewriter came along, it increased legibility and efficiency – and more effectively communicated content.

This took yet another leap forward as we upgraded to word processing programs like Microsoft Word.

These programs enable even more efficiency in that we can create a document digitally, erasing or updating content without having to retype or rewrite the rest of the text, and then distribute innumerable identical copies at the touch of a button. We can spell check, insert clip art and much more, and any flaws can be corrected before a reader would ever see them.

Just as technology has increased the accessibility and scale of written language, Source enables our customers to extend their scale and capabilities to a broader global market. Just as having a legible typeface and the ability to create digital copies that can be edited or distributed at the touch of a button has increased communications efficiency, Source Techworks’ worldwide network of 12,000 certified service engineers is a cost-effective solution that allows our customers to avoid wasted resources. And just as application capabilities like spell check allow us to ensure accuracy before sending a document, Source’s training and certification modules created through Source Academy ensure consistent and repeatable quality engagements from each Source Techworks professional.

If you would like to learn more about Source Techworks, download our data sheet.