When a recall happens in the world of healthcare and medical technology, simply put, it can be a nightmare. You’re faced with a time-sensitive challenge to fix equipment swiftly and efficiently. Every passing moment leads to an increased risk of negative patient outcomes and in a business where patient care overrides dollars and cents, this is devastating. The unpredictability of where and how quickly remediation services are needed can leave your internal teams stretched thin, potentially causing downtime and revenue loss. This is where the importance of a global field engineer network and a strategic third-party partner can come into play. 

Unpredictability and Urgency 

Recalls are unpredictable by nature. Understanding the scale and scope of what your recall effort will contain is critical to making sure you have the resources in place to succeed. Whether it’s replacing a faulty part or installing critical firmware updates, the clock is ticking, and every moment counts. This urgency calls for an efficient solution that can transcend geographical boundaries and do so while maintaining stringent adherence to regulatory guidelines to ensure compliance. 

The Global Field Engineer Network 

A global field engineer network is a lifeline in recall management. Imagine a team of multi-skilled, certified field service professionals strategically located across the globe, ready to respond to recall emergencies at a moment’s notice. This network serves as your rapid response unit, ensuring that no matter where the recall occurs, there are qualified experts on standby to address the issue. 

The Criticality of Scalability

One of the key virtues of this global field engineer network is its flexibility and scalability. Not only do you need a team that can handle the recall promptly, but you also require the flexibility to scale up or down based on the day-to-day scope of the recall. Whether you’re dealing with a single location or multiple sites across continents, having the necessary manpower and bandwidth is imperative. 


Recalls are among the most challenging scenarios healthcare OEMs and healthcare providers can face. They demand speed, precision, compassion, and a global perspective. These are all aspects of what Source Support Services can provide for you, your customers, and their patients in the event of a recall. With over 12,000 certified field engineers worldwide and a 24/7/365 U.S.-based Support Operations Center, Source is equipped to handle recalls efficiently. They work closely with you to match your project’s timeline while ensuring regulatory compliance and quality. Source’s dedicated project management team allows you to track and report all recall data activities to meet regulatory and compliance standards. Moreover, our main warehouse in Atlanta, GA, a global network of FSLs, and a team of logistics coordinators ensure parts and tools are always readily available.